WEF Mon 19 Jul 21 the following process is to be undertaken for all golf events until further notice:

Representative matches – Army (by definition, participants have been selected to play in the event) and Regional Events (by definition, run by AGA officials for serving and retired personnel within Regional boundaries):

  • These events must be approved by the Chair AGA.
  • The event organiser will be required to forward the event Admin Instruction to the Sec AGA as normal for approval.
  • This will enable the event to be formally recognised and published on the AGA and ASCB fixture list for on duty status and travel at public expense via Pot Code 16.
  • Participation detail is to be forwarded to the AGA office within 72 hours of completion of the event.

Intra Corps events:

  • These events are to be authorised by Corps HQ.
  • The event organiser is to advise the AGA of the event by forwarding the event Admin Instruction only.
  • The event will be listed on the AGA and ASCB calendar for on duty status and travel at public expense against Unit Travel Budgets.
  • Participation detail is to be forwarded to the AGA office within 72 hours of completion of the event.
  • Event organisers are advised to carry out a Dynamic RA on the day and obtain a copy of the club RA.

Please continue to be aware of proximity to others and the risk of contamination – even when outside.  We strongly recommend you continue to wear facemasks when mixing inside and for inside events (post and pre-match) . We suggest you continue to review and implement extant FHP policy and guidance.

For further information please contact the Secretary AGA, Lt Col (Retd) Steve Davis.


The Army Golf Association (AGA) was formed in 1974 to promote the interests of all golfers, both officers and soldiers, regular and reserve.

Since then it has encouraged Army personnel to take to the golf course and importantly enable those leaving the Army to continue to play in Army Golf competitions. Since 2011 Reserve soldiers and officers have also been able to participate in the Army Golf Championships on an even footing and since 2015 they are also eligible for selection to represent the Army at Inter Services. The Association now has some 1800 members, made up of Serving and Retired Army personnel, along with MOD Civilians based in Army establishments, and dependents (must be over 18) of current members.


AGA membership is open to all soldiers and officers both serving and retired. MOD civilians are also eligible to join provided they are employed in an Army establishment.


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27 Jul - 29 Jul RA Championships
28 Jul - 29 Jul AGA Stableford Championship
29 Jul RLC Summer Meeting
02 Aug AGA vs Whittington Heath GC
02 Aug Army vs Civil Service GS
02 Aug RE Committee vs Vets
04 Aug R SIGS vs AAC
04 Aug RAPTC vs RAC
05 Aug WM Region – Summer Meeting
09 Aug - 12 Aug UKAFGA Executive Committee Meeting
11 Aug RE vs R SIGS
16 Aug RLC vs Motor Traders
18 Aug R SIGS vs REME
19 Aug SW vs High Post
20 Aug - 22 Aug Army Team @ The Brent Knoll Bowl
27 Aug - 30 Aug Army Mixed Team @ Hoylake Scratch Foursomes
31 Aug AGC Summer Championships
01 Sep REME Autumn Meeting
02 Sep R SIGS Tri Service General’s Cup


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Any SLC/funding queries should be directed to your unit Admin Office.