• If an event location becomes part of a local COVID-19 lockdown, then you must report the matter to the ASCB. Service Personnel (SP) participation will be reviewed.
  • SP are not to participate in an event if they will be travelling from, or are residing in, a government local lockdown area.
  • We will continue to monitor government guidance.


As of 1 Jul 20, all Corps and Regional fixtures must now be submitted for approval to the AGA Secretary for onward authorisation by ASCB. Applications must be submitted as soon as practical but in any case at least 7 days prior to the actual event.

In addition and in conjunction with the authorisation process, please also complete and return the Fixtures List for Regional Secretaries and the Fixtures List for Corps Secretaries to Diane Walters as soon as fixtures are confirmed. NIL RETURNS ARE REQUIRED as if your fixture does not appear on the ASCB fixtures list then it will not be authorised or deemed eligible for PF travel funding. All fixtures previously submitted will be considered cancelled going forward and the ASCB calendar will be updated based on specific returns.

Regarding bacon rolls on arrival/lunch – provided you advise your intentions on your Risk Assessment (RA) it will be considered by the authorising person.


Step 1 – Open the AGA Event Flow Diagram, this explains the process and steps to follow.

Step 2 – Once you confirm the venue, you must access the Golf Club RA and cross reference it with the AGA Specific COVID-19 RA and the Generic RA at Annex B to the Safety Management Plan (SMP). Anything in the Golf Club RA that is not in either of the AGA RAs should be added at this point.

Step 3 – Produce your Admin Instruction incorporating any venue specific requirements whilst attaching the AGA Practical Guide for Event Organisers as an enclosure. All participants are to advise you on receipt of entry that:

  1. Attended the mandated unit arranged Force Health Protection Brief – if they have not there is a link to the Brief in the AGA Practical Guide – they MUST watch the brief (video available via Defence Connect here).
  2. Read, understood and acknowledged the guidance contained within the AGA Practical Guide.
  3. Completed the FHP self-declaration questionnaire on the AGA website.

Step 4 – Forward to the Sec AGA the following Documents for event approval:

  1. Event Admin Instruction (please include this Annex in your AI)
  2. Updated COVID-19 RA
  3. Updated Safety Management Plan (specifically the Generic RA)

Step 5 – The Sec AGA will review the submission and forward to the ASCB for approval. Confirmation of authority to proceed should be received within 7 days of receipt of the documentation. Approval will be granted or further questions may be raised.

Step 6 – Once approved, a nominal is to be sent to the Sec AGA, CC to Asst Sec AGA at your very earliest convenience but in any case by NLT 1000hrs the day prior to the event.

Step 7 – Post event, a confirmed attendance list is to be sent to the Sec AGA, CC to Asst Sec AGA.

If you have an further questions or queries please contact a member of the AGA Staff:

Sec AGALt Col (Retd) Steve Davis (07843 017372)

Asst Sec AGADiane Walters (07810 861737)

AGA COVID-19 Latest update: Wed 23 Sep 20 (Max no of gatherings, face coverings, and food and beverage service in the Clubhouse)

The AGA has fielded a large number of calls, emails and messages via social media about the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on golf following the latest announcement from No 10.

Having engaged with England Golf and the ASCB we can confirm that golf at Corps and Regional level may continue as has been the case, but with a number of minor changes in line with face coverings and the management of food and beverages whilst in the clubhouse, all of which we will added to the AGA COVID-19 Risk Assessment we have been providing to event organisers. For a full list of the FAQs England Golf have produced a consolidated list which can be found at the following link:

Until otherwise advised please continue the good work in organising golf at Corps and Regional level ensuring that the rules that appear to be working well to date are continued.




AGA membership is open to all soldiers and officers both serving and retired. MOD civilians are also eligible to join provided they are employed in an Army establishment.


The Army Golf Association was formed in 1974 to promote the interests of all golfers, both officers and soldiers, regular and reserve.

Since then it has encouraged Army personnel to take to the golf course and importantly enable those leaving the Army to continue to play in Army Golf competitions. Since 2011 Reserve soldiers and officers have also been able to participate in the Army Golf Championships on an even footing and since 2015 they are also eligible for selection to represent the Army at Inter Services. The Association now has some 1800 members, made up of Serving and Retired Army personnel along with MOD Civilians based in Army establishments and dependents (must be over 18) of current members.


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Mar, 15 Army Ladies vs Army GC Ladies
Mar, 27 - 28 Army Team @ The Brent Knoll Bowl
Mar, 28 Army vs Dorset County GS
Apr, 18 - 23 Army Men UK Tour
Apr, 24 - 08 Army Ladies Tour
May, 09 Army vs Hayling GC
May, 17 - 19 AGA Strokeplay Championship
May, 20 - 21 Army Ladies vs Burnham & Berrow GC
May, 30 Army vs Little Aston GC
Jun, 02 - 03 AGA High Handicap Championship
Jun, 07 - 08 UKAFGA Ladies vs British Police
Jun, 15 - 17 Inter Unit Championship
Jun, 30 Army Championships Draw
Jul, 03 AGA vs Saunton GC
Jul, 03 - 07 Army Matchplay
Jul, 05 Army Ladies vs Saunton GC Ladies
Jul, 08 - 09 Inter Corps Championships
Jul, 14 AGA vs Little Aston GC
Aug, 02 - 04 AGA Stableford Championship
Aug, 02 AGA vs Whittington Heath GC


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