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The Army Golf Association (AGA) was formed in 1974 to promote the interests of all golfers, both officers and soldiers, regular and reserve.

Since then it has encouraged Army personnel to take to the golf course and importantly enable those leaving the Army to continue to play in Army Golf competitions. Since 2011 Reserve soldiers and officers have also been able to participate in the Army Golf Championships on an even footing and since 2015 they are also eligible for selection to represent the Army at Inter Services. The Association now has some 1800 members, made up of Serving and Retired Army personnel, along with MOD Civilians based in Army establishments, and dependents (must be over 18) of current members.


AGA membership is open to all serving Army personnel; regular or reserve. It is also open to retired Army personnel, NRPS serving and retired, serving RN / RAF and overseas forces on Army Foundation Staffs, MOD(A) civilians and dependants (over the age of 18) / spouses.

Membership costs £15 per annum. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. This is irrespective of when you join the association; it covers one season only.

(new members)

(including membership renewals)


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Standard Learning Credits (SLC) May not be claimed for any sport or AT activity, including courses, where the aim is solely to learn the sport or activity or improve by undertaking that sport or activity. SLC may, in some cases, be claimed for courses and qualifications which are required for the coaching and management of sport. Policy pertaining to the use of SLC is contained in JSP822: Elective Education. Please check with your local Army Education Centre before paying for any course.

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