AGA membership is open to all soldiers and officers both serving and retired. MOD civilians are also eligible to join provided they are employed in an Army establishment.

Membership of the AGA is open to the following personnel:

▪   Full Member – Serving Army personnel; regular or reserve.
▪   Associate Member – Retired Army personnel, NRPS serving and retired, serving RN, RAF and overseas forces on Army Foundation Staffs, MOD(A) Civilians and Dependants/Spouses.

The following options exist for personnel to obtain/maintain membership of the AGA:

▪   Full membership – Complete an AGA Membership Application Form (must be paid by direct debit). The Direct Debit Form must be printed off, completed and returned by post.
▪   Annual membership – Complete an AGA Membership Application Form (payable by cheque or credit/debit card).

Membership costs £15 per annum. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. This is irrespective of when you join the association; it covers one season only.

All correspondence regarding membership should be sent to:

The Membership Secretary
Army Golf Association
Mackenzie Building
Fox Lines
Queens Avenue
GU11 2LB