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Army Representative Sport. Following an estimate over the past few weeks Army sports were RAG scored in to the following risk categories:
Green – Representative sport could start wef 1 Jul.
Amber – Representative sport could start from 1 Sep but only with the required introduction of some mitigating action.
Red – Representative sport unlikely to start before more relaxed social distancing measures are announced. Unlikely to start before 1 Sep.

Within the Green category just 5x sports have been identified as being able to commence not before 30 Jun 20:
* Angling
* Archery
* Surfing
* Equitation
* Golf

As part of the planning and assurance process for those sports that have been categorised as ‘Green‘ – On 1 Jul, Army HQ will release an ABN that will confirm that those sports currently categorised as green can start wef 1 Jul. The ABN will include direction on what risk assessments are required to be completed before each fixture commences.

Representative Golf is not to commence until the ABN has been released and published.

Authority for the recommencement of any Army sport remains with Army HQ.