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Update on the resumption of representative sport

By 20 Apr 21August 4th, 2021No Comments

Following the easing of the lockdown, announced by the Prime Minister on 22 Feb 21, Army Representative Sports, which have been assessed as safe to do so, will resume from Step 3 of the Government Roadmap (currently not before 17 May 21). In line with ABN 036/2021 para 6 g (4) providing the Government Step 3 pathway is agreed and followed, overnight accommodation may be used for all golfing events WEF 17 May 21. Direction within the FRAGO 001 is to be complied with.

All Corps and Regional fixtures beyond 17 May 21 are now to be submitted for approval to the AGA Secretary for onward authorisation by ASCB. Applications must be submitted as soon as practical but in any case at least 7 days prior to the actual event.


Step 1 – Open the AGA Event Flow Diagram, this explains the process and steps to follow.

Step 2 – Once you confirm the venue, you must access the Golf Club Risk Assessment (RA) and cross reference it with the AGA Specific COVID-19 RA and the Generic RA at Annex B to the Safety Management Plan (SMP). Anything in the Golf Club RA that is not in either of the AGA RAs should be added at this point.

Step 3 – Produce your Admin Instruction (AI) incorporating any venue specific requirements whilst attaching the AGA Practical Guide for Event Organisers as an enclosure. All participants are to advise you on receipt of entry that they have:

  1. Attended the mandated unit arranged Force Health Protection (FHP) Brief – if they have not there is a link to the Brief in the AGA Practical Guide – they MUST watch the brief (video available via Defence Connect here).
  2. Read, understood and acknowledged the guidance contained within the AGA Practical Guide.
  3. Completed the FHP self-declaration questionnaire on the AGA website.

Step 4 – Forward to the Sec AGA the following documents for event approval:

  1. Event AI (please include this Annex in your AI)
  2. Updated COVID-19 RA
  3. Updated SMP (specifically the Generic RA)

Step 5 – The Sec AGA will review the submission and forward to the ASCB for approval. Confirmation of authority to proceed should be received within 7 days of receipt of the documentation. Approval will be granted or further questions may be raised.

Step 6 – Once approved, a nominal roll is to be sent to the Sec AGA, CC to Asst Sec AGA at your very earliest convenience but in any case by NLT 1000hrs the day prior to the event.

Step 7 – Post event, a confirmed attendance list is to be sent to the Sec AGA, CC to Asst Sec AGA.

If you have any further questions or queries please contact a member of the AGA Staff:

Sec AGALt Col (Retd) Steve Davis (07843 017372)
Asst Sec AGADiane Walters (07810 861737)