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2021 Inter Service Champions

By 24 Sep 21July 11th, 2022No Comments

The 2021 Inter Service Champions are…..

Ladies – Army (4 in a row for the Women’s Team – amazing result!)
Men – RAF

After almost 2 years of not playing service golf, the Ladies team delivered beyond expectation. Saunton Golf Club provided a spectacular venue as always and when it came to it, the Navy tried, the Air Force tried, even the weather tried to put them off their stride but no way were they giving that trophy back! Congratulations to SSgt Zoe Burrell-Knipe (BK) who takes over as Captain, and Alex O’Brien who becomes her Vice. These two, along with Georgina Smith, Kimberley Glynn-Galbraith and Kate Law now complete the Ladies Committee and will only make this team stronger!

The Army Men’s team came in 2nd place in a fierce week of competition.